Saturday, July 31, 2010

even though

1.  i am kind of sad to be downsizing, i am looking forward to using the skills this big house has taught me.
2.  the cold water is hot(because it is 200 degrees here in Columbia), we have water and it is clean.
3.  i needed a little break from my precious girl, i miss her something fierce and can't wait to wrap my arms around her:)
4.  selling our house is a pain(i mean who really wants to keep their house tidy everyday?), i am thankful for the encouragement i am getting because it feels so much better to have a clean house.
5.  it is sometimes hard to trust in the Lord with all my heart, i am learning that it is easier to trust and rest in Him than trying to have control over everything.  control makes me crazy.  trying to give it up.  it feels pretty good too;)
6.  the daddy cardinal's have left the premises, i am thankful for the momma cardinal that has perched outside my window.
7.  i will miss the beautiful yard, i am thankful for the love i have developed for working in the yard. 
8.  it was hard to tell my son about my real father, what a joy it was to tell him about my earthly and Heavenly Father!
9.  it is hard to get rid of "stuff", it actually feels good and liberating.  it is just "stuff."
10.  we have a 7 hour trip ahead of us, we are going to have a glorious weekend with family in Alabama:)  WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!

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