Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I can't keep this to myself. The other night it was my turn to put Lawson to bed. I tell her to go to the bathroom before she gets in bed. Then. She screams. Runs into her room..... screaming, "Baby Jesus fell in the toilet! Baby Jesus fell in the toilet!" Bawling. Big tears streaming down her face. Both Leighton and I run into the bathroom sure enough and find Baby Jesus was in the toilet. Leighton looks up at me while he is sticking his hand in the toilet and says, "This needs to be documented, for sure:)"

Thank goodness she had not gone to the bathroom yet. That would have been horrible (for Leighton that is;)" So, Lawson just so you don't forget. Jesus rode the tractor and fell out into the toilet. Your sweet Daddy cleaned Baby Jesus and He slept with you. Maybe we need to put Him back in the nativity box:)


Melody said...

This IS funny! I love it. And I'm dying to ask you if you've taken down Christmas decorations yet but I feel like I shouldn't ask since I don't know you that well yet. Ha! Glad to find your blog. I look forward to reading more posts.

Allison said...

Hey Melody! I am SO glad you asked;) No, I don't still have up Christmas decorations......Although if my sweet husband had not taken them down while we were out of town, they might be:) hehe!

Melody said...

Hey, thanks for that link to fly through my window. I just spent some time over there checking out her blog. She has got the coolest decorating ideas. Thanks for passing it along to me. I look forward to reading more of your blog! And maybe I can convince your to write about your salvation experience: I'll give you a piece of your best friend....clean your house....Just kidding! Talk more later!