Monday, June 28, 2010

Multitude Monday.....1000 gifts

46.  being able to take my sweet girl to her four year old check up and get to see her be so brave when she got 5 shots.......broke my heart.  She was so brave, though.  SO.BRAVE.
47.  frosted flakes tasted soooooo good for dinner tonight.
48.  the homemade cinnamon roll bread was delicious for dessert. (i am not going to weigh in tomorrow.  i am going to run;))
49.  finding something to encourage my hubby with.....letting him know that his dreams are my dreams too.
50.  walking in faith is not being able to see, but knowing in your heart that Jesus is enough.  trusting in Him.  loving Him.  seeing Him in everything.  praising Him.  adoring Him.  in awe of Him.  glorifying Him.  enjoying Him.
51.  true Peace and contentment can only come from Him.
52.  little boys sleeping with their daddy's book beside them.....he sleeps with his eyes half way open and it is really freaky;)
53.  being able to reminise through old photos and realize that my babies are growing.  
HOW can this be my babies two years ago?
54.  Life.

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misslenbuster said...

#50 - yes yes yes. . . in the moment it's so hard. After God's proven Himself (if I've given Him the opportunity) the victory, growth, etc are exhilarating!