Wednesday, June 23, 2010

34.  Thankful that even though I fallen short on writing my 1000 gifts, I am continuing to concentrate on my blessings.
35.  laughter with three boys today at Guignard Park
36.  tiny life held in growing hands......
37.  we are nine days away from a ten day vacation.....ahhhhh:)
38.  even though life is hard, I still feel joy.  
39. thankful for my dear friend, Maia......I am going to miss her so much!
40.  hearing children singing God's Word:)
41.  the grace and mercy my sweet husband show me everyday....bless your heart:)
42.  i didn't lose it in the Kmart check out line.  
43.  thin everything bagels.  LOVE.
44. Proverbs 31 Ministry and today's devotion....if you don't get these devotions, click on link and sign up:)  They are truly a highlight of my day!
45.  last but not least.  the fact that my friend's son took a picture underwater of me and we laughed our heads off.  she deleted it very quickly...or atleast she said she did.  it was SCARY......:)  but hysterical!

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