Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 3

1.  taking my girl to 2 girly birthday parties.
2.  the prospect of downsizing our home and debt.....
3.  all the cardinal's i saw today that made me think of Jesus.
4.  cleaning out 4 cabinets in my den and it only took 3 hours.
5.  only 10 more rooms to clean out.
6.  faith and confidence that the Lord has us in the Palm of His Hand.  No.Matter.What.
7.  i was able to build my hubby up after an upsetting phone call.
8.  a fun casual dinner with hometown friend and her precious fam....
9.  finding this refreshing. truth speaking. blog.
10.  surving a 4 mile run in extreme heat at 7 am.....:)

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