Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2

Day 2
1.  the. best. coffee. ever. made. by. the. best. hubby. in. the. WHOLE. Wide. WORLD:)
2.  My friend, Lorien, for taking the time to teach a group of friends how to take pictures with our cameras.
3.  two healthy children.
4.  redeemed marriage.
5.  making my children's lunch today.
6.  scratching Mac's back when he got home from VBS.  (he spent the night out and stayed up until midnight.....ahhhhh)
7.  having affectionate children....La was rubbing my arm while she sucked her thumb:)
8.  hubby coming home for lunch.
9.  communication with my hubby
10.  sunshine.
11.  ceiling fans.
12.  Dave Ramsey.....I know we will be even more thankful for him when we get out of debt.

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