Monday, January 31, 2011


387.  seeing the excitement when Mac made his first goal in a basketball game.
388.  the way he looked at me and said, "You have got to call dad!"
389.  sweet sister time.
390.  baby gear hunting (not for me but sis.)
391.  finishing this book.  that is rocking my world. 
392.   good hard cry.  it. was. hard. but. good.
393.  because God is good.
394.  Margaret H. (thank you for your sweet message)
395.  nose kisses
396.  snuggles with my Jasper
397.  Fancy Nancy knee socks and twirly skirts.
398.  my sister who is in Honduras with her husband on a mission trip.
399.  this post i just read.
400.  Leighton, my man.

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