Tuesday, February 1, 2011


401.  The Son saw me through the clouds.

Quote from Ann Voskamp's new book:

"But her on a plane over black waters, I hear it well:  the only thing to rip out the tape echoing of self-rejection is the song of His serenade.  One thousand gifts tuned me to the beat.  It really is like C. S. Lewis argued in The Weight of Glory:  that the most fundamental thing is not how we think of God but rather what God thinks of us: 'How God thinks of us is not only more important, but infinitely more important.'  Years of Christian discipleship, Bible study, churchgoing had been about me thinking about God; practicing eucharisteo was the very first time I had really considered at length what God thought of me - this ridiculous and relentlessly pursuing love, so bold.  Everywhere, everything, Love!" 

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