Monday, January 24, 2011


I have the best friends. 
I mean seriously.  
So, continuing with my gratitude.
Not in any particular order.
Just trying to name all of my peeps that I am thankful for:
342.  Lile.....AKA  Lile, Lile the crocodile.
344.  Susan.susu.
345.  Anna.  (first four are my mom and sisters.)anner.
346.  Donna.
347.  Jill.
348.  Jeannie.
349.  Mary Beth.
350.  Lorien.
351.  Laura.
352.  Mason.
353.  Debbie.
354.  Katherine.
355.  Gwen.
356.  Margie.
357.  Maia
358.  Shawna.
359.  Patty.
360.  Janet.
361.  Bobbie (the best therapist in the world;)

continuing with my one thousand list

362.  the red and pink hues of this morning's sunrise and sharing it with Mac.
363.  three little boys running to school.
364.  geese flying over my head as I got out the car.
365.  hearing the cardinals, but not seeing them.
366.  La twirling around.
367.  a good nights sleep.
368.  waking up refreshed.
369.  hope that doesn't disappoint.
370.  a fun night with friends.
371.  fellowship.
372.  sweet communion with the Lord yesterday in my big comfy chair.
373.  seeing how La loves her daddy.
374.  a clean house.
375.  fresh, clean clothes just out of the dryer.
376.  Ann Voskamp's new book that is rocking and changing me.


Anonymous said...

Allison, you are such a treasured friend to all of us, too. The way you encourage me with the WORD and point me to the grace of Christ is an incredible blessing. Plus, you are super fun sassy! ;) Love you!

Laura said...

love you! thank you for encouraging me and loving me through the good and bad :)

Janet said...

Ok, I want my new nickname to be "360". Because I'm an ALL AROUND good friend! Get it? All AROUND? 360?? Oh, I'm so funny. (Wait...360 degrees are is a circle, right? --Ok. Just googled it. It is.)
Yep, I'm an ALL AROUND awesome friend!! Woooot-Woooot!