Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My favorite blog is doing a series on words.
No surprise to God that this was exactly what I needed.
Just at the right time.

It takes hold of my heart and takes me places I never want to go.
I know all the scriptures about fear.
I know all the scriptures about anxiety.
I know.  I have memorized them.  Written them on my heart.

Be Not Afraid
It humbles me so how the Lord uses people to encourage me in my walk with the Lord with words.
Words that are like healing balm for my heart and soul.

"Fear is holy ground; it holds the possibility of transformation."  Ann Voskamp 

I trust you, Jesus.
I love you, Jesus.
I know your Promises are true.
Your Words are Healing.
Your Spirit is AMAZING.

I trust you, Jesus.
I look with anticipation the possibility of transformation.
Even though I don't want this fear to be a part of me, I know that it draws me to You.  And for You I will follow.

I have tasted Your goodness.  I have found refuge in You.  You Alone.

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Warren Baldwin said...

Linked from BEautiful in Him blog. Very good post. I like the spiritual and family emphasis of your whole blog.

God's blessings upon the new year.