Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

238.  thankful to be back home.
239.  thankful that our new home is kinda feeling like home.
240.  thankful we have a home.
241.  thankful for the beautiful moon this morning.
242.  thankful for the cross i saw in the sky (from airplanes).
243.  thankful for dear friends who encourage me and point me to the Lord.
244.  thankful for the fact that the Lord loves me so much and continuously extends His grace and mercy to me.
245.  thankful for funny comments from my kids.
246.  thankful that my son gets up by himself every morning without a fuss.  eats his breakfast.  does his chores.
247.  thankful that he is nothing like i was as a child.  total gift from God.  
248.  thankful for "green acres" car.  it is falling apart.  but, i am thankful that i have a car.  and that it is paid for.
249.  thankful for the sweetest email from my dad.  i really needed it last night:)
250.  thankful for God's Word.  His Truth.  His Promises.

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