Monday, December 13, 2010


Choosing gratitude
267.  fun, crazy field trip to grocery store with 70 2nd graders.
268.  fun night away with hubby.
269.  running into a friend at Costco:)
270.  pictures hung on walls.
271.  watching Elf.
272.  a sweet and loving husband.
273.  friends who encourage me daily.
274.  a God Who is continuously showing me that it is better for Him to be in control than me.
275.  that old patterns of life can be changed.
276.  even when I feel sadness or disappointments, I can give it to the Lord and trust that His plan is way better than mine.  (Thanks Maia!)
277.  finally taking a video of my new house and sending it to my family and hearing their response:)
278.  Janet, I will forward it to you.!
279.  one week without facebook has allowed me to not get behind on my laundry and that is spelled like this: RELIEF.
280.  thankful for the difference I feel since cutting out bread and refined carbs.
281.  thankful that His mercies are new every morning.  every midday.  every night.


Maia said...

Send me your video too! I want to see your new house. :) Reading your thankfulness is such an encouragement to me. Love ya, girl!

Yevette said...

If this was FB, I would click "Like" : ) I really like your lists!

Heidi said...

LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing, Elf is my favorite, too!