Wednesday, June 22, 2011

picture me {im}perfectly

i'm a yeller.
i admit it.
and i hate it.
i try so hard to speak kindly when i get upset.
it is SO much better than it use to be.

this is gonna be short and to the point.
vbs this week.
running late today.
children being disrespectful.
constant talking back.
stirring up trouble
one unhappy momma.
I just put them in their room for one hour of "quiet time."
rules= stay in fighting.
both come out of their rooms.
all i hear is constant banter and screaming
back and forth.

I walk in there calmly.
line them on the bed 
spank them.
and then 
i yelled at them.

no pictures today.
just one girl
in need of 

"a soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
Proverbs 15:1

please, Jesus help me know that my children and their behavior does not reflect who i am in You.  please forgive me for being harsh with them.  change my heart.  make me new.  help me as i go and talk to them.  let the love i feel for them come out in words that give life.
in Your name i pray.


hill said...

thank you for being so honest. isn't motherhood the most humbling thing you've ever experienced? and parenting issues takes the cake. it is just so hard sometimes. praying for clarity and for peace for you. thanks for linking up! xoxo.

Head Lima Bean said...

I yell too.

alison said...

bless you...i think you and i might be the same person. i struggle with this on the daily. it's getting better, little by litte. and lo and behold, i handle things SO much better on the days that i do my morning devotion time. if my kids knew that, they'd probably be toddling in with my Bible each and every morning!

Jody, Andrea, Banks, Mary Reese & Owen said...

I just told all of mone that I hate how we talk to each other sometimes...too much yelling & a horrible tone. Right their with you

jules ... said...

Oh sweet Allison, thanks for posting about this! For I struggle with raising my voice and then struggle with the aftermath of guilt from it. My children respond so well to a simple apology, but I sure wish I could get my act together and be more like other moms I compare myself to. Thanks for linking up with picture me imperfectly, it's so nice to know I am not alone in my struggle (I haven't linked up for a couple weeks bc I've been out if town, but I want to start linking up again).
Nice to meet ya!!