Monday, April 25, 2011


592.  A sweet and precious Easter!  Celebrating our Risen Lord:)
593.  hilarious comments from Lawson.
594.  picking strawberries.  no kiddos.  with this awesome friend.
595.  painting in a field (until it started to rain.)
596.  stepping out of my comfort zone.  
597.  Lawson stopped sucking her thumb.
598.  strawberry shortcake.
599.  big fluffy clouds.
600.  bright blue skies.
601.  Eating mexican with 2 precious college girls.  i.feel.old.
602.  surprise phone call from my brother.
603.  praying specifically for people.
604.  seeing and hearing about the Lord moving in mighty ways.
605.  He never ceases to amaze me.
606.  phone call with Lo.  miss the mess out of her.  but smiling when i think of her.
607.  my husband.  
608.  these wise words from my hubby when i was feeling insecure:
"There has only been One person who knew exactly who He was." 


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