Monday, April 18, 2011


578.  Studying this with my girls this morning.
579.  praising God for the new birth of a sweet baby girl by my dear friend, Shawna.  (In the car I might add.)  
I love you, Shawna!
580.  the new flowers about to bloom on our pomegranate tree.  so pumped.
581.  beautiful 70 degree weather.
582.  my husband finally disclosing to me that it bothered him that I never threw my Splenda packets away.
583.  laughing out loud together when I told him that I have just always known he would throw it away for me.  pathetic.  it has taken us 11 years to talk about this.  I love you, baby.  seriously.  i am blessed.
584.  i am thankful for an update from my baby sister, Susan.  have fun in Austria and Italy.......soak up this time with each other.  i am praying for y'all.  love.  you.
585.  praying today with ladies from our church for the military.  
586.  for all of the men and women who serve in the military and their families.
587.  God's faithfulness.  It.  Never.  Fails.  
588.  praising and thanking the Lord feels so much better than fear and worry.
589.  painting a peacock tonight at Tag It Art.  so fun:)
590.  the encouraging words my hubby said to me before I left tonight.
591.  playing dodge ball with the kids today with a nerf football.



patricia-cox-hatch said...

I always enjoy reading your lists, but this one just made me smile extra big, plus I laughed out loud at you and Leighton!

Janet said...

Shawna gave birth in the CAR??

Jessica Denny said...

I want to go to TAG IT with you sometime!!!! Give me a call when you're going to paint something cool again and maybe I'll be able to join you! :)