Tuesday, April 12, 2011


570.  running in the rain this morning.
571.  seeing an owl fly over our heads.  wow.
572.  seeing the sun through the clouds.  even if it was only for a little while.
573.  two little girls playing and giggling.  
574.  that my mistakes don't define me.  they have and are refining me.  for His Glory.
575.  He is the lifter of my head.  and the Shield about me.  (Psalm 3)
576.  joy and pain.  sunshine and rain. (you know the song i am talking about;))
577.  He is good.  He is good.  He is good.

The last three pictures is something I can't wait to tell you about.
God is good.
So, so good.


patricia-cox-hatch said...

I can't imagine, but I'm trying:) And I can't wait to hear. The photos are gorgeous!

Margaret Hicks said...

LOL on the canoe and life jackets in the pool! Can't wait to hear about the photos.