Monday, March 21, 2011


Ok, normally when I do my gratitude list I just go off the top of my head.
Things that just really stuck out.
Usually it is things that have happened over the past 24 hours.
Since that is about as far back as I can remember.
Today I am going to my real journals.
I have two.
One black that I keep at the house and it has 383.
One red that I keep in the car and it has 227.
And this one on the blog has 490.

Documented graces.  gratitudes. 
This eucharisteo has changed my life.
Changing my eyes.
my heart.
my soul.
my attitude.
Eucharisteo precedes the miracle.
He is the Miracle.
And for Him I am eternally grateful.
Humbled to my knees.

Here goes.....
491.  hearing my children laugh.
492.  sweet neighbor who called to tell us she missed us.
493.  Jeremiah 30:17.
494.  Jasper curled up next to my Jesus Calling book and snoring.
495.  little girls who love tutus.
496.  Lawson skipping on the way in to church.
497.  it is safe to trust, because of Christ.
498.  yummy food at Lo's house.
499.  fun fellowship with the ladies:)
500.  Mac making his first (and only) basketball goal.
501.  I want to remember that smile forever.
502.  picking Mac up at 5 pm and he tell me that he missed me.
503.  thankful that Jesus is relentlessly pursuing and wooing me.
504.  thankful for two healthy children.
505.  thankful for the picture of Mac on my dresser.
506.  watching my children sleep and kissing them on the cheek.
507.  that Jesus is the anchor of my soul.
508.  sweet time with my parents.
509.  God's wrath was satisfied in Christ's blood.
510.  thankful for writing the anger letter to Joe (not mailing.)
511.  Mac, "Dad, why don't you run for President?"
512.  reading fairy tales with La on a pink sleeping bag outside.
513.  seeing a grown man weep as he described the african believers that he saw.  He said they had nothing, but radiated joy.
514.  Dogwoods blooming.
515.  kickboxing with Lo yesterday.
516.  laughing.
517.  a little girl who mouthed "I love you."
518.  A Joy that seeketh me in pain.
519.  A Love that will not let me go.
520.  sweet lunch with friends.
521.  the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen. 
522.  a sweet card from my sister Susan.
523.  that Susan is on her way home from Germany RIGHT now:)
524.  the sweetest blog post about me from one of my bff's.
525.  Lawson, "Mom, I love you more than how fast the flowers grow."  
Me, "Lawson, do you love me more than your thumb?"
Lawson, "Um, no."
I heart her.
526.  "Jesus died for failures and nobody else."  Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
527.  thankful that Jesus prays for failures.
528.  hanging out with Maia and her family:)

Whew.  That.  Was.  Long.
But, oh how He has blessed me beyond what I deserve.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.


Kristy said...

What a delightfully sweet post!

Maia said...

SO thankful for you and your friendship - and for the sweet gift of spending time with you on Sat! Read MB's post on your birthday and she's right on - there is NO ONE quite like you sweet friend, and I'm SO blessed to have known you!!! Miss you something fierce! Love ya. Maia

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

518 and 519 - perhaps my all time favorite hymn. One you don't hear much anymore. But the words cut deep into my soul and they mean so much to me. Thank you for the reminder as the words are running through my heart right now.

I was so touched by your husbands tears over African believers. We have so much, don't we?

Thank you for your post today! I'm no where near the 1,000 mark with my list, but already I'm seeing a change within myself. You were definitely an encouragement to keep on!