Sunday, October 3, 2010


Once again.
If only I had child like faith.
Tonight when I was putting Mac down for bed,
we read about Elijah and how he trusted God.
He obeyed God.
So, I proceeded to tell Mac two stories of mine where I have trusted.
The first was when I trusted God about going back to school.
I told him that it was a very hard time in our life, but that God taught us so much during that time.
It made me trust Him even more than before.
Even though it was hard.
But, I was confident that the Lord took me there for some very good reasons.
Then I told him how his daddy and I trusted the Lord about selling our home.
He provided the perfect buyers for our house.
Then I explained to him that we trusted that the Lord had the perfect house for us.
But, it was hard trying to find this home.
There were times when we were like this is the perfect home, and then it wouldn't work out.
Disappointment.  Worry.  Burdens.
The Lord provided a way each time, until the perfect house came along.
And it was such a sweet surprise.
We did trust in the Lord the whole time.

Mac gets all excited.
It's like a maze, Momma.  It's like a maze.
How you go one direction and stop.
Then go a different direction until you find the way out.
You are so right, son.
It is a winding road,
full of ups and downs,
detours and
All we have to do is keep our eyes on the Prize.


The Manager of Many said...

sooooooo true!!! sweet mac! i learn so much from my boys everyday. i am thankful for the times their innocent hearts make me open my eyes. do we train them or do they train us? it is such a maze!

Alison said...

We learn the most amazing things from our children. I am a first time visitor to your site. Hello!

Jami Nato said...

what a smart child you have! glad you stopped by our blog. your's is super cute!