Monday, February 14, 2011


403.  laughter until you can't breathe.
404.  no responsibilities for 48 hours except to eat, play, chillax and sleep.
405.  making new friends.
406.  sweet Valentine's from the kids.
407.  Lawson's excitement to wear her Target heart dress this morning.
408.  riding with with window down.
409.  hair blowing in the wind.
410.  this song.
411.  pizza for Valentine's dinner.
412.  Leighton.  My rock.  My love.  Me heart.  I see Jesus in you, baby.  Thank you.
413.  thankful for a brave sister, Anna.  
414.  that the Lord has given me way more than I deserve.  or ever dreamed of having. 

1 comment:

The Manager of Many said...

jealous of your beach trip
and <3, <3, <3 that song!