Monday, August 23, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

Continuing with intentional gratitude.
143.  laughing out loud at one of the funniest texts I have received in a long time.
144.  i love that Lawson loves her tutu and i let her wear it everywhere.  because i think it is precious.
145.  singing vacation bible school songs at the top of my lungs with my children.
146.  even though trusting God when i am not sure of how things are going to turn out is better than when i didn't believe He meant good for me.  so much better.
147.  good friends.
148.  thankful for the past year.  even though i didn't finish graduate school, i don't regret going.  He taught me so much while i was there.
149.  thankful that L has a job.  we are coming up on a year when he was let go from his job.
150.  how God can turn anger into compassion and change my heart.
151.  love feels better that hate.
152.  love makes others feel better too.
153.  God's Word.  Rocks.
154.  unexpected "I love you's."  today was when Lawson told Shelley that she loved her.  so.stinkin.sweet.
155.  haircuts.  they always put a little jump in my step.  and i need one.bad.

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