Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking Away.

You can take away something I love,
You can not take away the memories I treasure.
Here are a few of the memories I love:
Driving to the farm with family.
The Barbecue Stand (The old one, of course.)
Jumping for hours in the cotton.
Complaining about having to show a cow.
Seeing my daddy's face light up as soon as he got on the farm.
Driving in the tractors.
The beauty of Black Angus Cows.
The history behind the farm.
How a man married a lady, who he knew would die.
How they were never suppose to have children, but they did.
How she is a miracle.
How God led him to my momma.
How I got to experience love in a different way than before him.
Homemade sleds tied to the back of the truck.
Bumpy rides in the fields checking out the cows.
Watching the birth of a new calf.
Bringing it home with us because the momma died and getting to feed it bottles.
How my daddy farmed because he loved it, not because of the money.
Climbing the big magnolia tree for hours.
Learning to drive in the pastures.
Sub Deb mud day at the farm.
Seeing the children run out of the mobile homes when they saw our truck pull into the farm.
How my momma loved teaching the little children.
How their eyes would light up when they saw my parents.
Now, as an adult seeing the children grown, how they still come to see my parents.
The farm might be taken away, but the memories of sweeter times will remain.
They can not be taken away.
They are forever etched in my heart.
Etched it my whole families heart.
We are choosing to PRAISE the Lord in this difficult time.
We are clinging to HIS Promises.
Not the promises of this world.
My sister, the one who should have never been born, said it the best:
"what Jesus dealt with was not fair…He didn’t do anything wrong to deserve what he went through…actually He did nothing wrong period. And I guess that’s just the way it is in life sometimes…It’s all for God’s glory…the joy and the suffering."
Amen, Anna.  


Margie said...

*tears* Love you, sweet country girl :)

patricia-cox-hatch said...

You got a good family, and a sweet, sweet sister. Love you.