Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok, here I go.....

I, Allison, love vanilla ice cream with creamy peanut butter swirled all up in it.
I, Allison, love to laugh.
I, Allison, love for people to laugh at me. Crazy. I know.
I, Allison, am full of drama. Always have. Always will. That is the way God made me.
I, Allison, pick at my fingers until they bleed. Nervous, sick habit.
I, Allison, love Diet Mountain Dew. Crack. Seriously.
I, Allison, love my Zoloft.
I, Allison, love my therapist.
I, Allison, love BBQ potato chips.
I, Allison, just really love food.
I, Allison, am an emotional eater.
I, Allison, talk too much and sometimes don't know when to stop.
I, Allison, need to learn to not talk so much.
I, Allison, love being with my husband and kids when they are not getting on my nerves.
I, Allison, do not get on anyone's nerves......ever;)
I, Allison, have a unibrow. Yes, just like the Golden Arches at McDonald's.
I, Allison, shaved that unibrow when my mother would not let me wax it in the 6th grade.
I, Allison, love to play jokes on people.
I, Allison, love to stir up trouble.
I, Allison, love Anthropologie. I could get lost in that store for hours and spend way more money than I have.
I, Allison, did not go to Anthropologie the last time I was in Birmingham. This was a proud moment.
I, Allison, am a overthinker and try to figure it all out kind of girl.
I, Allison, have a hard time making decisions. Very frustrating.
I, Allison, have the worst problem with writing thank you notes. My mother would be so disappointed in me if she only knew......
I, Allison, have a love/hate relationship with running.
I, Allison, broke my big toe one day after talking about my best friend.
I, Allison, love the Lord with all my heart and soul.


Laura said...

One of my FAVORITE posts. It's so you and so creative!

Chris and Emily said...

ok - i totally do that -pick my fingers till they least it's not just me and you aren't alone. Maybe we should start a support group.......It's a habit i would LOVE to stop. :0)

Lauren said...

I also adore creamy peanut butter and I love me some indecision.

Girl you have blessed me with a big ole belly laugh.

May Christ's peace be on your household tonight!

That Girl

Bunco Belle said...

Oh my goodness....I loved reading this. I totally pick at my fingers too and can't make a decision to save my life. Good to know I am not the only one.