Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just watched a precious video of a dear friend. Barkley and her husband were coming home from Jamaica and she wanted to get Claire's reaction. Well, Claire went straight for her daddy....I couldn't help but die out laughing:) Thanks Barkley for sharing your precious girl!

Seeing that video reminded me of potty training Lawson. Mrs. Dawn (her teacher) told me for weeks that Lawson was going potty at school. Let me just say that I was not all for pushing her until she was ready. Well, finally I decided to send Lawson to school for the first time with panties on. She didn't have an accident all day. I was so proud of her.

Well, we were going to Chick-fil-a that night for dinner. I said, "Lawson, you have to go potty before we can go to eat." She replies, "I NOT GO POTTY!" As she proceeds to fall on the know what I am talking about;) Leighton comes home from work and I literally was about to pull my hair out. I told him how she would not go potty for me. He immediately said, "Lawson McLendon, go potty right now or you are not going to Chick-fil-a." She replies, "Alright daddy!" You can only imagine how she said it to. Kind of with a flirty almost...ok anything you say kind of attitude. We died out laughing:) Little did she know that I was prepared to go to war with her now. We spent the next 3 or 4 days literally me sticking to my guns and not giving in:)

I will never forget how she said that to her daddy that day! We had our teacher conference today and I am just so proud of her. It just makes my heart smile to think about my precious girl! I can't believe she is about to be 3! Her party is Saturday and I am getting so excited! I will post pictures of the big event:) Sarah Dippity is coming to our house!

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