Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Let's face it.
Leighton and I struggle with 
making time to
One on One.
Not with friend's.
Not with work.
Not with family.
Just us.
I came up with an idea.
Well, not really....
I had some help from a website that I can no longer find.  Sweet.
ABC's date game.
Start with A and be creative as to what you will do with your hubby.
Then move on to the next letter.
WHO knew this would be so much fun!
We were pumped.
Ready to ROLL.....
We wanted to burn squealies
out of the driveway
we didn't:)
(Little side note: it is quite evident of my less than professional photography skills since Leighton is WAY out of focus.) Ahem...
First stop
Al's Upstairs for appetizers......
This was our view of the city of Columbia......
pretty amazing:)
The dinner was fabulous and the dessert was delicious.
So good in fact,
we had to go home.
But, don't think that my hubby hadn't already picked out
something for us to do when we got home
that started with B.
(sorry for the awful picture.)
It was an amazing night.
Exactly what we needed:)
Now, we are planning our "C"


lindler5 said...

you guys are beyond cute!! great idea - we might be borrowing it off of you!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you blogged! I hope the teachers loved their gifts!

This is such a cute idea. I don't know too many couples with young children who DON'T struggle with being intentional and faithful about making special times. We do the same things you wrote about: special outings with others or work or kids. I'm stealing this idea!

Laura said...

So glad to read your last posts and be refreshed and revitalized with your thoughts and ideas (which I will promptly steal). I am so grateful for the Lord's blessing of YOU! Love, Laura

redeemed diva said...

What a great idea! So fun