Tuesday, June 26, 2012



here goes.......

so, it is tuesday of my vacation.  this five minute friday is suppose to take place on friday.  it is tuesday.  but, i am participating anyway.  because in actuality, i never follow rules very well.

risk has always scared me.  many times i have taken risks and things turn out just like i thought they would.  then there are the times when i take the risk and i fail. miserably.  why is it that i let the failure overrule taking another risk?

because i let the bad stuff become easier to believe.

essentially the lies become easier to believe.

and i want it to end.

i don't want to fear taking the risk.

stop fearing the risk.

and jump.

arms out.

palms open.

to what the Lord has for me.

and i know and trust with all my being that He wants good things for me.

for me, allie mac.

and for you.



and it is worth the risk.

Five Minute Friday

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