Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"God gave me these curls."

This was Lawson's response when asked where she got her pretty curls. The funny thing is that I said, "Well she kind of got them from me and her dad. I just straighten mine." She kept saying over and over, "God gave me these curls, God gave me these curls!" So, I told the lady what she said. It just made my heart smile. She knew the answer and wasn't so shy about telling the truth:)

Pretty much where ever we go someone comments on her curls. It has gotten to be somewhat of a problem when my feisty little girl started saying, "Look at my purty curls!" I do not want to raise a conceded girl. NO WAY. This is where I started talking to her about how God made her just the way He wanted to and He gave her the curls.

She has such a spunky little spirit. Tonight as I was lying in the bed with her, I just thanked God for her. You see He saved me when I was pregnant with her. I know I have written about it here in my blog before, but make no mistake God saved me and Lawson literally. So, when I was looking at her sweet face sucking on her thumb fast asleep it took me back to when I was pregnant with her.

We didn't find out we were having a girl until 2 weeks before she was born. Up until that time I would get ultrasounds every week and I could never see her face. I totally thought my child didn't have a face. I could never see a profile. You see, she was sucking her thumb. She cried for the first 13 weeks of her life, until she found her beloved thumb.

She would not be here if the diabetes counselor hadn't called me that day. We would be dead. I would have overdosed on insulin because the pharmacy gave me the wrong syringes. I would have taken 80 units on insulin. We would not be here if it weren't for the Lord. He saved us. I fell to my knees when I realized what would have happened if she hadn't called. Oh, how I thanked Him. But, I didn't find Him until she was 5 months old. That is when my life changed.

Sweet girl, I love you so much. More than you will ever know. I am so thankful that God made you exactly the way He wanted too. You are one of the reason's He drew me to Himself and what a gift that is. I had to quit pushing Him away. I quit fighting Him and let Him in and He has changed me. I love you to Heaven and back:)

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Melody said...

Oh wow....I just picked a random "older" post to read and found this one. I would love to read the post you are refering to that tells about how you came to know Christ. Can you direct me that particular post? I just love to hear "damascus road" (salvation)stories of other people. I could listen to it all day long because they are all so different yet the same Jesus who saves with the same love.